Look at this snazzy archive. All the posts (translations and thought pieces) are here in date order (except for multipart translations, but you’re smart people, you’ll sort it out.

Medievalists Should Discuss Game of Thrones or Tom justifies his life.

In Cath Catharda: Captain America – Civil War from the medieval Irish perspective.

Why is it so hard to draw Cú Chulainn?

The Tragic Death of Medb – Double the translations, double the fun.

A story about Mongán and some cross-cultural thoughts (about Deadpool)

The Tragic Death of Derbforgaill.

The Tatooine Cycle.

Homage-o-meter or The Literary Sources in The Tatooine Cycle

Echtra Nerai – The Strange Adventure of Nera.

Echtra Nerai – The Strange Adventure of Nera, part 2.

The Death of Cet mac Mágach

The Story of Mac Da Thó’s Pig – part 1

The Story of Mac Da Thó’s Pig – part 2

The Tragic Death of Celtchar mac Uthechair

The Head of Donn Bó

A Quick Note on ‘Translation’.

The Life of Findchú of Brigown – part 1

The Life of Findchú – part 2 electric boogaloo

The Life of Findchú – part three

The Life of Findchú – part four