This is a blog about tales from medieval Irish literature.

I have noticed, in my travels talking to people about the brilliant tales and stories that are to be found in medieval Ireland, that not many people have heard of them. There are many reasons for this, of course, and we can’t really get into that here. But what I want to do is change that look of blank incomprehension when I mention Cú Chulainn, St Moling or Donn Bó (after whom the site is named).

So every week I will be retelling a tale, selected fairly randomly, in what I hope is an accessible style. The events of the plot will be fairly close to the original but the wording will be miles out. However, since many of our cutting edge translations of Old and Middle Irish are from the nineteenth century, I’m sure you’ll forgive a bit of an update.

At the end of every post I will put a link to any online versions of the original Latin or Irish, along with a few things to think about to put the tale in its contemporary context.

Soon I will explain what’s going on in the header image.

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